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Importance of Belief in the Divine Forms of The Formless

By H H Maa Purnananda

“Ishtanbhoganhi Vo Devaah Daasyantey Yagnyabhaavitaah; Tairdattaanapradaayaibhyo Yo Bhunktey Stena Eva Sah” – (Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta – 3/12)

In the given verse, Bhagwaan Sree Krishna tells Arjun – “The Devta-s, propitiated by your sacrificial acts, will award you with your desired objects of enjoyment. But he, who enjoys the objects without offering to the Devta-s, is like a thief!”

We are introduced to great men-of-achievements from each and every field of life, by different means. We find about them in the pages of books on History, Science, Literature, and so on. Similarly, our ancient Scriptures have in store, the mention of innumerable Men-of-Wisdom, Who are reverentially addressed as Rishi (Brahmarshi, Devarshi, Maharshi), Muni, Sant (Mahant), Mahatma, Guru (Sadguru) and even Bhagwaan. Here, Maharshi Vedvyas, through Bhagwaan Sree Krishna, is informing Arjun, a great man-of-achievements, the importance of invoking and propitiating the Divinity within, while performing any act, by worshiping it in the form of a Deity (Devta) outside; as a result of which, one would be awarded by the Devta, with the desired “object of enjoyment”.

For those who do not believe in the concept of Devi-s and Devta-s as the Divine Forms representing the Divinity within, it could be difficult to be worshipful while performing actions, and, to perform sacrificial acts; because, the question would be “whom to worship?” or “sacrifice acts unto whom?”! The Wisdom says that without the attitude of “sacrifice” and “worship”, man could become selfish, self-centred, non-compassionate, violent, ruthless, negative, inconsiderate, irrational, non-cooperative and so on! Such a man of lower instincts, even if he be wealthy, powerful & famous, would bring nothing but self-destruction, disparity and disaster!

At the same time, those who are believers of different forms of the Formless Brahman, but are yet unaware of the Reality or Brahman behind all such Divine Forms, and perform religious rituals without genuine faith and only for wealth, power & fame; they too would bring nothing but self-destruction, disparity and disaster!

Sant Kabirdas Ji says - “Paahan Pujae Hari Miley Toe Main Pujoon Pahaad; Taasey Toe Chakki Bhali Pees Khaye Sansaar!” It means - “If by worshiping a stone-idol I would get the Lord, then I would rather worship a mountain! Even greater than such an idol is a grinding-stone, in which the grains are ground and the whole world can eat!” So, such pretentious worship is futile indeed.

Let us not think that it is so easy to be a devotee of the unknown Supreme Divine! Let us not be so casual towards the great Hindu Pantheon of various Gods and Goddesses, the profound Shaastra-s of Sanaatan Dharm and the gracious legacy of its glorious Guru Parampara.

Our Shaastra-s do not deny enjoyment, but they warn us about the consequences of enjoying the objects without offering them to the Divine and without the attitude of sacrifice. Therefore, it is necessary to believe in the Divine Form of the Formless Reality for our own benefit! It is necessary to read the Holy Books of Wisdom and it is dire necessity to seek refuge under the Guru Parampara. Without the precious guidance of the Guru, it would not be possible to understand the philosophy behind the Deities, the significance of Their Forms, the ways to worship Them, the need to perform sacrificial acts, to implement the instructions given in the Shaastra-s in life and even to lead a human life with the right perspective.

It is hence necessary to observe the auspicious days as per the Hindu almanac all the year round and accordingly practice Sanaatan Dharm to the best of one’s ability under the guidance of the Guru. Have unswerving faith in God and the Guru, be virtuous and humble, be worshipful all day long, set the goal of life with proper understanding and higher purpose, and, work hard towards it with the attitude of sacrifice. Implement these five sincerely and constantly; and enjoy!!!!!