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What Makes Your Life Colourful?

By H H Maa Purnananda

“Ananyaashchintayanto Mam Ye Janaah Paryupaasatey; Tesham Nityaabhiyuktaanaam Yogkshemam Vahaamyaham.” – (Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta – 9/22)

The Shlok given here indicates that single-pointed and reflective inner equipment is the basic requirement for invoking the Supreme. Inner integrity achieved by regular spiritual practices, such as Japa and Dhyan along with consistent scriptural reading with utmost faith and fearless acceptance of the same, would lead the seeker to the required focus of mind with the support of comprehensive intellectual understanding of the Sacred Path. Gradually, such a devoted practice transforms the subtle existence of the seeker into a constant and steady union with the concept of the Auspicious Self within. The potential force of pure Consciousness thereafter begins to function through the available subtle and gross bodies of the seeker, opening up the channels for him towards the macrocosmic energy. Henceforth, every thought, word and deed of his exhibit Providence.

One of the significant ways to understand the above-mentioned concept presented by the great Rishi-s and carried forward by the revered Guru Parampara is by comprehending the symbolism of colours that are attributed to various forms representing the Formless, Supreme Self. As Holi, the festival of colours, is round the corner, let us try to reflect upon some of such colours that people would be smearing upon each-other while enjoying the flavour of this popular festival of colours.

‘Red’ and ‘Crimson’ represent the power and energy of Mool-Prakriti or pure Primeval Creative Force.

‘Yellow’, ‘Mustard’ and ‘Brown’ represent Prithvi or Earth, the element that has the capacity to hold.

‘Vermillion’ and ‘Orange’ express Agni or Fire, the great purifier.

‘Blue’ is symbolic of Aapah or Water which is the essential aspect of life; and ‘Green’ and its different shades represent Urvarak Shakti or fertility of land.

‘Violet’ and ‘Indigo’ are the pointers to understand that the Supreme is dynamically Royal and Kingly.

‘Dark Blue’, ‘Grey’ and ‘Black’ indicate that the Supreme Reality is formless and colourless; just as Akash or Ether, and also Vayu or Air that is formless and colourless.

And lastly, ‘White’ symbolizes Pavitrata or Purity, Prashaanti or Peace and Ananyata all-encompassing Oneness, that the Real Self Is!

Most of the people do not like the idea of playing Holi, as now-a-days in many places it is celebrated in a filthy way. The people need to bring back the tradition of this auspicious festival with proper understanding and deeper meaning, with a Divine touch. So year after year, using the natural colours made directly from various colourful blossoms of spring-flowers and foliage, with near and dear ones all gathered together at home, be them children, youth or adults, smearing each-other with the colours of the Divine, make the auspicious festival of Holi a great occasion of your life for re-uniting with the Manifest-Divinity all around and within yourself!

May the Holy Colours of Holi make your life colourful!