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The Divine Beauty!

By H H Maa Purnananda

“(Aum! Sahanaavavatu. Sahanau Bhunaktu. Sahaveeryam Karavaavahai.
Tejasvi Naavadheetamastu Ma Vidvishaavahai.
Aum! Shantih Shantih Shantih.)” – Taittireeya Upanishad (Brahmaanand Valli)

Taittireeya Upanishad belongs to Krishna Yajurved and it forms part of its Tattireeya Aaranyak. Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda ji has blessed me with the lineage of the Southern Seat of Sree Guru Parampara established by Adi Shankaracharya. Our Title is “Saraswati” and we have to abide by the teachings, advice and instructions expounded in “Yajurved”. Our Mahaavaakya is “Aham Brahmaasmi”.

All the above mean everything for me in life, till Self-realization! I am sure that it ought to happen by the blessings of Sree Guru Parampara; provided, I abide unswervingly by the discipline and the code of conduct that I could learn at the Holy-feet of my beloved Gurudev Swami Chinmayanandaji and with the all-encompassing grace of my Param Gurudev Swami Tapovanji Maharaj.

I find nothing in the world more important, attractive, alluring or satisfying than fulfilling my resolve to tread the brilliant Path of Ultimate Reality. So while traversing on this Sacred Path, no impediment should be impossible to be removed or crossed over by the seeker who has deep faith and steady belief in the Wisdom of the Rishi-s. The Mantra mentioned in the beginning underlines the fact that though the grace of the Guru would always be upon the deserving disciple, but, the disciple would have to earn it by putting constant effort on the basis of the direction and instructions assimilated by him as learnt from the Guru.

The Guru does not need protection, be it physical, mental or intellectual. Physical protection, not needed – the Guru has transcended the physical plane. Mental, not required – the Guru is not emotionally vulnerable. Intellectual protection – the Guru cannot require, as the Guru associates with the Divine Wisdom, which Itself is the very Protector!

But yes, the disciple surely needs complete protection at all these three planes as he has no strength as yet to deal with the worldly inflictions. Then why does the given Mantra say – “Sahanaavavatu.” – “May we both (the Guru and the disciple) be protected together”? So, the ignorant student underestimates the Guru’s stature!

The next statement of the Mantra says – “Sahanau Bhunaktu.” – “May we both enjoy together”. The Guru has achieved the inner joy and not even the greatest possible joy derived from the world can any more attract the Guru! In the eyes of the ignorant disciple, though, the Guru appears to be always very happy and joyous; perhaps due to the joy of teaching and getting served by the disciples!

But it is indeed a matter of enjoyment for the student; the turning-point in his life! New vistas have opened up! Different kind of studies, discussions based on Spirituality that are unheard of in the society! Activities that are so refreshing and relaxing rather than boring and tiring. Elevating experiences and satisfaction of self-improvement! The disciple really starts enjoying life like never before.

In his ignorance, the student expects the Guru to put effort for the evolution of the student! As though, it is the duty of the Guru to ‘teach’ the disciple! No, no, let us understand that “Spirituality cannot be taught; it has to be learnt”. Hence, it is the student who has to put effort. Then why does the Mantra say – “Sahaveeryam Karavaavahai.” – “May we both put the effort together”? Again, the student wants the Guru to put effort! But the question is – what for? In fact, the disciple has to put all the effort for self-elevation and self-evolution to drop off his acquired “false identity”. It is not the “Objective Science” that pertains to the “relative, finite, ephemeral, objective world of matter”; it is the “Subjective Science” that deals with the individual’s subtler inner equipment and ultimately, reveals to that individual his “True Identity”, the “Absolute, Infinite’ Eternal, Self”, the very “Subject” in him. Hence, the disciple himself would have to find his own “True Identity”. The disciple humbly has to acknowledge the Guru’s compassionate guidance and pledge not to let the Guru’s (effortless) “effort” put-in for him go waste!

“Tejaswinaavadheetamastu Maavidvishaavahai.” – “May our intellect shine brilliantly and may there be no misunderstanding between us (the Guru and the disciple).” – further says the Mantra. The Guru is blessed with Divine Brilliance; the Guru has gone beyond misinterpretations and misunderstandings anyway! The ignorant student often questions the validity of the Scriptural Statements and doubts the advice of the Guru; therefore, expects the Guru to be graced as well, with a brilliant and submissive intellect. So, it is the need of the disciple to be blessed with proper comprehension of the Wisdom imparted by the Guru, and, purity of Antahkaran (inner-equipment), free from malice, for embracing the Sacred Teachings in life.

Like all the other Mantra-s being chanted by the student of Vedaant Philosophy, the given Sacred Mantra from Taittireeya Upanishad also begins with the Singular Sacred Syllable “Aum” – the Sacred Symbol of the Supreme, Non-dual Reality, ‘Brahman’. And, the Mantra concludes with the word “Shantih” (peace) repeated three times, invoking three aspects of peace to maintain inner peace – Adhibhautik Shanti (peace from physical world), Adhidaivik Shanti (peace from phenomenal forces) and Adhyatmik Shanti (peace from within the inner-equipment).

The Scriptural studies and various kinds of worships are all to achieve this inner peace, so that, in the moments of inner silence, the seeker learns to be with himself. Indeed, the Realized Master exclaims “Aham Brahmaasmi.” – “Brahman I am.”.

To shed the false identity and to get back to the True Self, one ought to be graced by Sree Ishwara, be blessed by the Guru and one must learn the Shaastra-s at the Holy-feet of the Guru.

Last month at SISS, on the night of Shraavan Maas Shuklapaksh (brighter fortnight) Triteeyaa, in complete darkness of midnight, blossomed the brilliantly shining white ‘Brahmkamal’, reminding me of my Ultimate Goal – Self-realization, for which my beloved Gurudev has blessed me! I am sure, dear Manish, though clicking beautiful photographs and videos of the enchanting sight, was fully drenched in the peaceful Divinity spread all around while bathing in the Divine Aura of Brahman!

Brahmkamal in Brahm Udyan at SISS, under the Southern Pole which holds the Mahaavaakya from Yajurved - “Aham Brahmaasmi” –

Glimpses of the Divine Beauty, captured by Chaitanya (Manish Sharma)