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So Much Stress & So Little Effort!

By H H Maa Purnananda

Yes, you guessed right! So little effort in pursuing Spirituality! In fact, it is tough to do your daily Aadhyaatmik Saadhna when you are going through physical discomfort and mental stress due to the overall worldwide unpleasantness; depressive indeed!

But under the circumstances, it is most important to pray regularly and sincerely than ever before. So pull up the reigns of your five horses (Gnyaanendriya-s) and seek the Divine protection; handover the reigns to Him at your earliest. The Saviour, seated in your “Heart”, will surely bless you with the best of inner strength, mental calm and rational thinking while facing your Praarabdh. We all need to pray for the well-being of all!

So, each individual has to ask oneself –

1. In spite of the burden of overwork, or having the anxiety of uncertainty of work, or the stress of having no work, did I continue my daily religious and Spiritual practices?

2. Have I been able to take sufficient care of my personal health and of the people dependant on me, without getting tired of doing so, or without getting agitated?

3. Have I been able to earn, arrange and organize finances for the family, without much stress?

4. If not becoming dispassionate, at least have my worldly passions got reduced?

5. Has my Saadhna been sufficient for me to think rationally, speak softly and act wisely under any circumstance?

6. Am I developing more of such virtues as kindness, compassion, patience, uprightness, humility, righteousness and so on?

7. Am I sharing the noble thoughts that I have gathered from my Sacred readings with my family members and friends, including children, as much as possible’ without being rigid or imposing?

8. Now-a-days, do I find more interest in offering Puja, in doing my regular Japa, in practicing meditation and in reading Sacred Texts?

9. Do I really want to pursue my cultural and religious activities and my Spiritual practices, or due to the unfavourable circumstances, it is a temporary phase in my life that I have tilted towards all this?

10. Am I slowly finding mental tranquillity and inner joy due to enhanced faith and devotion towards the Supreme?

11. Am I becoming more and more fearless of worldly wrath due to deeper understanding of the transient world and the Eternal Reality?

Above are a few such queries based on which the seeker will have to practice introspection and self-analyses, every night without fail, so as to progress steadily on the path of self-evolution. When as a seeker, one would be able to continue to carry out such practices as mentioned herewith, as an unfailing discipline, irrespective of circumstances being adverse or favourable, one would surely be blessed by the Supreme, for the best! May the glorious Sree Guru Parampara grace be showered on all the seekers! Stay safe and take care.