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Compassionate Lord Shiv

By H H Maa Purnananda

“Raagaadidoshrahitam Swajanaanuraagam, Vairaagyashaantililayam Girijaasahaayam; Maadhuryadhairyasubhagam Garalaabhiraamam, Vaaraanasipurapatim Bhaja Vishwanaatham.” - (Sree Kashi Vishwanaath Stotram – 7)

We all know about compassionate Lord Shiv’s blue neck, as He drank Halaahal Vish (the poison) that surfaced during Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean). As per Sreemad Bhaagwat Maha Puran, for procuring Amrit (nectar of Immortality), Devta-s and Daanav-s started churning Ksheer Saagar (Milky Ocean) with the help extended by Garud ji (Lord Vishnu’s Vehicle) who lifted Mandaar Parvat by his clutches and put it in the ocean to work as the churning rod, Vaasuki Naag who became the rope for churning, Lord Vishnu Himself Who became the support below the Parvat in the form of Koorm (Tortoise). The churning for Amrit began and first surfaced the terrible poison! For saving the world from getting destroyed by the impact of the terrible poison, the compassionate Lord Shiv drank it, but held it in His throat. Neither did Lord Shiv let it get into His stomach, which, if thus digested, would spread poison to those who worship Him, nor did He keep it in His mouth which always has His Isht (chosen Deity) Lord Ram’s name on the tongue.

Lord Shiv, the Sacred Symbol of Auspiciousness in us, is free from vices like Raag-Dvesh (passion-jealousy), Kaam-Krodh (desire-anger), Moha-Mada (delusion-pride) and so on. Therefore, it is stated that while learning from the sacred texts and practising meditation, this Auspiciousness in us has the capacity to restrict the terrifying impact of the poisonous vices that surface from within our mind. The seeker must not spill his viciousness around, which he becomes aware of while learning the scriptures and while practising meditation. Neither should he digest it, which would make him further vicious, nor should he make his tongue vicious, which would harm others around. So being aware of the viciousness within him, what would the seeker have to do? To deal with his inauspicious vices, he surely would have to pray hard and invoke Lord Shiv, the Auspiciousness within.

On the auspicious Maha Shivraatri, the faithful and devout invokes his Ishtdev Lord Shiv and offers Shodashaupachaar Puja, and Sree Rudraabhishekam with the Sacred chants of Sree Rudra Prashna which is contained in the Krishna Yajurvedeeya Taittireeya Samhita. The prime purpose of doing so is to dissolve viciousness (Raagaadidoshrahitam) from within and transform the mind into compassionate and peaceful equipment which would be kind and loving to the people and compatible to the world around (Swajanaanuraagam).

A dispassionate and peaceful mind (Vairaagyashaantinilayam) is supportive to the creative intellect (Girijaasahaayam). Due to such transformation of his mind, when cohesiveness between his mind and intellect is established, his ideas and imaginations get virtuously enhanced. Such evolved mind-intellect equipment gradually gets closer to the Divinity within. The evolved individual finds inner peace, because, the Auspiciousness (Lord Shiv) within is the very Abode of Eternal Peace and the Source of Intuitive Knowledge (Girija, Goddess Paarvati). The unbearable heat of passionate poison (Halaahal Vish) gets thus eliminated and the evolved seeker is blessed with the sweetness and beauty of patience and forbearance which the Auspiciousness of Lord Shiv, the Lord of the Universe (Vishwanaath) within, symbolizes.

The whole process of transforming the mind, uplifting it to the intellectual spiritual understanding and ultimately transforming the mind-intellect equipment into evolved Spiritual Heart, requires pursuing regularly and sincerely, Spiritual practices (Adhyatmic Sadhna) that are exhaustively described in our Sacred Texts by the Saints and Seers for the benefit of the seekers. As humans, the evolved beings, we must strive hard to evolve further, as guided by gracious Sree Guru Parampara.

On the Auspicious Maha Shivraatri this year falling on 18th February, may we be blessed by compassionate Lord Shiv with virtues and inner peace!