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Progress Doesn’t Endorse Animalism

By H H Maa Purnananda

“Dhyaayato Vishayaanpunsah Sangasteshoopajaayatey; Sangaat Sanjaayatey Kaamah Kaamaat Krodhoabhijaayatey. Krodhaadbhavati Sammohah Sammohaat Smritivibhramah; Smritibhranshaad Buddhinaashah Buddhinaashaat Pranashyati.” – (Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta – 2/62&63)

From Trunk-calls to FaceTime video-calls, Coal-engines to Bullet-trains, from Smoke-stoves to Instant food-packs and from Slate-&-chalks to Laptops & Tablets, the world has progressed.

At the same time, from discipline to licentiousness, humility to arrogance, from uprightness to hypocrisy and from peace to violence, have the humans digressed!

So, it is a matter to be thought about! Do you want disturbed, violent, uncultured and agitated surrounding within your home and in the society? Or, you wish the progress of your family, others around and the world, but of course, without losing out on peace and brotherhood!

This is what the religions all over the world promote to their respective followers, or rather practitioners. So how does Sanaatan Dharm instruct and guide us? In Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta, as in the given Shlok, the Lord has shown perfect steps to fall from being a human. Sree Bhagawaan says that man meditates on the objects and hence gets attached to the world. Attachment leads to possessiveness, which in turn develops anger. Anger deludes the man and loses his memory of being a human. This destroys his power of discrimination, which is “the end” of a human life indeed!

Attachment to our own inherent lower tendencies, that do not allow us to remember the Scriptural instructions that we so painstakingly try to learn and understand, ultimately leave us bound to innumerable false notions and attachments to the world around. As a human, it is important to apply reasoning before making any decision, to be humble enough to accept mistakes and wrongdoings, to be sensitive towards fellow-beings, to be peaceful from within as well as in our interactions, and so on.

All these rectifying steps, when diligently taken with sincerity, by disciplining ourselves as per the Scriptural injunctions, would surely lead us to more desirable way of progress in the very same world that we live in and expect all the freedom and happiness. Definitely, our Guru-s do not stop us from material progress, but yes, the peace, purity of intention and inner integrity are of paramount importance. They warn us of self-imposed digression from human values and living an animalistic, lowly life of self-gratification and egotism.

The sacred occasion of Holi just went past. The story behind this “festival of colours” for most of us, surely has a deeper significance for Saadhak-s. It is celebrated by lighting a bonfire on the full-moon night of the Falgun Maas, called Falguni Purnima (falling in March/April). It is also called as Hutaasani Purnima because a special ritual is performed by offering oblations in the Holy fire (Huta) on this night and thereafter circumambulation of the same. This signifies that the fire-like hot-temper and violent nature of Holika, paternal aunt of Prahlaad-the great devotee of Lord Vishnu, is symbolized by her having the boon of not getting burnt by fire; the oblations that the devotees offer in the Holy fire, symbolize burning off their lower tendencies in the Holy fire and coming out safe as did virtuous little Prahlaad, due to his unswerving faith in the Almighty Lord. The negative and animalistic nature of Prahlaad’s father Hiranyakashipu who had prompted his sister Holika for this terrible act, utterly failed to destroy the virtuous devotee Prahlaad. In the same way, the inherent virtues save us from our animalistic and self-destructive thoughts, words and deeds.

The next morning, the devotees smear Roli (sacred dry colours) and shower flower petals on each-other without any bias, signifying the inner peace, happiness and brotherhood. Holi and all such other religious occasions are to be celebrated with proper understanding for our own benefit. The Saints of Sanaatan Dharm have introduced humanity to higher thinking and better standards of life along with better standards of living, by means of such sacred occasions that we meet with all the year round.

With these thoughts for self-improvement and desirable progress, let us pray to Sree Ram on Sree Ram Navami, falling this year on 17th April and prepare ourselves well for the most awaited Sree Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti and Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda Jayanti falling this year on 12th and 13th May respectively.