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Invaluable Grace Of The Almighty!

H H Maa Purnananda

“Na Tu Maam Shakyasey Drashtum Anenaiv Svachakshusha; Divyam Dadaami Tey Chakshuh Pashya Mey Yogamaishvaram.” – (Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta – 11/8)

Haldi (turmeric) and Adrakh (ginger) have been inseparable ingredients of Bhaarteeya cuisine for ever. There are several such ingredients that could be counted along while mentioning these two. The medicinal value of these were also very well known to the people of this great subcontinent ever since. But, the modern-day educated individual denies the wisdom of the ancestors and rather believes in the knowledge provided by today’s researchers, who in turn, might be actually relying much upon the olden-day wisdom as the basis of their research-work.

The Shaastra-ssay that the whole of the plant kingdom serves the purpose of healing, nourishing and sustaining the animal kingdom and hence the plants are addressed and worshiped as Aushdhi and Vanaspati.Today , most of the people world-over prefer organic cosmetics, herbal cures and organically grown farm & food products. Is it not like catching up with the past ways of being closer to nature? Mankind is an inseparable part of the nature; hence, it is advisable for human beings to remain close to nature for sustenance of the physical body.

It is rightly said that “as the mind, so is the man”. On the ladder of evolution, man is considered at the top amongst the living beings. It is so because of the developed mind and intellect that the man is privileged to have. But these two cannot be made up of any substance other than the nature itself. So again, to sustain, maintain, nurture and nourish the mind and intellect, man has to depend upon the nature only. Therefore, the Wise-men of the past have advised to pay attention upon the food (Annam)intake. They say one must “eat to survive and not survive to eat”! For the animals in the forests, the jungle-rule is “survival of the fittest”. Though man is a part of the same animal kingdom, the human clan cannot afford to apply the same rule, for, it has been privileged to have a mind-intellect equipment. Man is expected to use this precious equipment and live on the basis of logical and rational thinking. Else, by denying the ability of this equipment, the human beings would call for self-destruction by applying the jungle-rule on themselves as the animals do.

For the enhancement of the mind-intellect equipment, again, most of the humans are advised to keep a check upon their diet and physical well-being. But that surely is not sufficient. The Rishi's (Seers), after doing deep research (Aatmaanusandhaan), have made the mankind aware of the fact that there is this Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Real Self, which is the very Substratum of the whole of the creation, which is the ultimate enlightening, enlivening, enriching, nurturing and nourishing factor of the very existence of the whole of the creation. So, man’s dependence solely upon the nature is not at all sufficient. To maximize the human potential, it is necessary to give priority to the Essential Self so that the mankind can stand out amongst the animal kingdom and live a healthy, happy and wise life.

Each individual desires for good physical health, mental happiness and a sharp intellectual understanding in life. Once these are achieved to his satisfaction and if he is fortunate enough, then he might think of something beyond these! That is where man would need a higher Vision, the Divine Vision. He has to realise that to achieve these three alone cannot be the ultimate goal of human life. And, when as an egocentric individual, using all his faculties, he fails to think or imagine anything beyond the world-of-matter, he turns inward and seeks for the higher Vision to be graced from within. At that stage, man’s surrender and submission to the Supreme lead him to Self-realization; the true prosperity and the ultimate victory!

Sree Bhagawaan, in the Shlok given above, blesses Arjun in the battlefield with the Divine Vision, as he surrenders with utmost faith in Him. By the invaluable grace of the Almighty, Arjun experiences the Macrocosmic Existence of the Supreme which is the underlying Eternal Principal of the microcosmic creation! It is truly invaluable! How can anyone deny this very Core of Existence anyway!

Join us at SISS with family and friends to invoke the Macrocosmic grace of the Almighty on the commencement of the year 2019 by performing Sree Vishnu Sahastranaam Homam at 11.30 am on 1st January’19.