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Yoga – The Secret of Success

H H Maa Purnananda
Founder Chairperson
Sree Guru Swami Chinmayananda Sewa Nidhi ®

It is indeed important to observe a ‘Yoga Day’ as it would inspire the young & old to perform better in life. Practice of Yoga has been popular world over for decades. Yoga is a vast subject and is one of the most scientific ways of handling our body-mind equipment. Generally people relate Yoga with the gross physical body and its benefits for maintaining good health. Added to it, some would practice Yoga techniques for calming the mind and for having control over body-mind and Prana (Vital Air) which would enhance their overall vitality. Of course Yoga helps them to that extent.

It is important to keep fit and active, but caution! Even the evil minded Asuras used to observe severe austerities by practicing Yoga and meditation. When one has hoards of unfulfilled desires and is passionately ambitious, he would really work hard to chase his targets and goals with all enthusiasm. For which, he would not hesitate to put that extra effort to keep fit, so that he could fulfill his wishes. With a mind full of bubbling desires when he practises Yoga, the technique applied will surely work on his body-mind and Vital Air, but without focusing on transformation of the mind- intellect equipment, he might suffer a setback.

In Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta, Yogeshwar Sree Krishna Himself guides Arjun by introducing some 18 ways of Yoga that would not only pull Arjun out of despondency, but would also help him inculcate inner courage to face the crises with confidence and by all fair means. Arjun learned the technique of ‘Yoga in action’ and succeeded, and so can you!

Bhagawan discloses to Arjun that ‘secret of success’ lies in being united with your inner divine core while performing your duty. ‘Yoga’ means ‘to be in union with the Divine’; therefore, Yoga is ‘perfection in action’. Man is Essentially Divine, but deluded; he is unable to apprehend his Essential Self and gets caught into the web of misapprehensions. This ignorance leads him to sense of incompleteness which instigates him even to adopt unrighteousness. He sets goals to achieve but he reaches nowhere! He strives for happiness but seldom does he get it! He works hard for survival but ultimately he meets with death! All this is due to his being unaware of his Essential Self.

The Geeta makes us aware of the way to achieve perfection in action, to work diligently with a calm mind, to maintain steadiness of wisdom under any situation and ultimately to be aware of the higher purpose of life. The various facets of Yoga are explained in the Geeta along with practises that can be implemented by one and all in life, to establish Yoga with one’s own divine Self even while pursuing worldly goals.

For comprehensive study of the Geeta verse by verse, watch the Epic channel every Saturday 8.00 am.

The take-away value of Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta is that the success of work is not only in accomplishing the work, but it is in accomplishing the work the ‘Yoga’ way!

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