Gyan Yagna

Gyan Yagna is a series of discourses held for an hour and a half each day consecutively for 4- 5 days on various Scriptural Texts. Being conversant in English, Hindi, Bengali and Gujarati, Maa Purnanandaji gives discourses based on Vedaant on Texts such as Sreemad Bhagawad Geeta, The Upanishads, Sree Ramcharit Manas, Sreemad Bhaagwatam and many other smaller Texts in different parts world wide.

Where else is a better place to drop the ‘I’-ness, due to which one carries the doer-ship; and ‘my-ness’ due to which one suffers from enjoyer-ship!

  • It is at the Altar of the Supreme that one can surrender oneself

  • At the Lotus-feet of the Sadguru that one can give up possessiveness

  • It is by learning from the Shastras, the righteous way of life, that one can inculcate virtues.

SISS, with its serene lush environment, gives the most conducive platform to identify, accept and finally work hard to roast up the seed of ‘I’-ness by means of various Spiritual practises held in its premises for urban citizens who find it difficult to take time out of their hectic schedule to learn from Spiritual courses and implement practises in day to day life to curb, control and ultimately sublimate the ‘ego’.

Seekers in India as well as abroad are greatly benefitted to come under the shelter of Holy Scriptures during Maa’s visits to different places.

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