Children are the budding stars of tomorrow, the very potential of our great country. Balsatya classes are conducted for children between 6 &12 years of age, by trained, dedicated and spiritually inclined volunteers; under the guidance from Guru Maa Purnanandaji. These classes are found to be beneficial for both the teachers and the taught alike. A Balsatya class is conducted once a week or once in a fortnight for an hour. It aimsto discipline the growing minds by imparting value-education based on the rich cultural heritage of our Country in an interesting and interactive way. The various activities include Sacred Chants, Bhajans, Story-telling, Arts & Craft, Dance and Drama.

Youth is vibrant with energy and ideas. When ably guided, the young minds are channelized towards higher values of life; they are saved from going haywire. With this view Yuvasatya classes are conducted once in a fortnight for an hour and a half. Apart from studying the prescribed text, interactive sessions, group-activities and FAQ are taken up on various topics that introduce honesty, courage, active-goodness, self-control, discipline, concentration etc. supplementing modern education with cultural support.