“Van Gamanam”


Great! Being with nature with like minded and loved ones is a boon in itself. Remember – the moving and unmoving world of beings and things around you is His Divine expression!

Blessings to all who have joined the Bal SatyaVan Gamanam !

Maa Purnananda, 19th Jan, 2017


“Being with Mother Nature is to improve our own nature. Have a healthy physique, as sturdy as a tree. Have a pure mind, as pure as the flowing waters of a river. Have a sharp intellect that flies as high in imagination as the birds. Have a golden heart, as deep and vast as the ocean”

Have a great time! God bless all !

Maa Purnananda- 5th Feb, 2016

Blessings in the form of such wonderful messages from Her Holiness Guru Maa Purnanandaji and the Grace of the Divine Lord, 33 families had a wonderful day long out, surrounded by trees and the greenery, cool breeze blowing all day long, birds chirping in the sky and ducks quacking in the pond.This gave us the energy and charge for this wonderful get together on Friday, 20th January 2017 at the Al Barsha Pond Park, Dubai.

The sudden appearance of our Satyavrat devotee, Balaji from Chennai felt that Maa had sent Her blessings in person.

The spontaneous words from Arya depict the feeling in everybody’s hearts that day :

Today is a bright day
The birds chirping loud
The wind blowing through our hair
Smooth, without much sound
Under the sun we sit
So cheery on the greens
This peace and happiness we feel
In all our hearts and dreams.
-Arya Suresh

The day began early with the invocation to the Supreme Lord to seek His Blessings for this day and for the beautiful life He has given us followed by Maa’s inspiring message. A sumptuous breakfast of chutney and jam sandwiches, khamandhokla, samosa, tasty tea with saffron, coffee and juices invigorated all as activities began with Vinayaji taking over the games for children .

Children enjoyed the innovative games while we had a few humorous introductions.

The adults also had to brain storm on some intellectual activities followed by some physical games.

It was a special day for Prema and Pradeep as they were celebrated their wedding day and a surprise delicious black forest cake was cut amidst singing a Sanskrit song for this occasion. They were simply overwhelmed by the divinity and joy .

It was such a wonderful blend of Bal Satya couples with kids and seniors like Balaji, Bhattaji, Ramnathji and Gomathiji, Sureshji and Deepaji..

Natesanji with family came with their usual enthusiasm from Sharjah !

There was laughter, mirth, singing, families bonding and display of talent by kids as lunch arrived.

We chanted “Purushottam Yoga” and prayer before meals before we enjoyed the buffet lavish lunch arranged by Deepa and Suresh ji, followed by more games.

The young Bal Satya children displayed a variety of talent like dance, musical instruments like mridangamand violin, singing and monoacting.

Some of the adults proved that they were no less gifted with golden voices and dancing feet.

Two of our budding Bal Satya children, Keshav and Radhesh recited the Aathichuttiby the great Tamizhpoet saint Avvaiyar, and their mother Prateebha beautifully explained the meaning. The song teaches children the Tamil letters and gives out the virtues that one should inculcate in oneself. This was a beautiful and thought provoking recitation.

One of our Satyavrat members Vijayji put into perspective three important messages- Cleanliness, encouragement and attention to detail. This was further highlighted by our young talent-Sammit, he did a mono-act on “Swacchata”, the act brought out how unaware we arein littering and how we need to consciously help towards cleanliness in our environment.

Gifts for all the winners of the games and talent show participants were given and we even had raffle draws and Annapurna ji, Parvatijiand Sukanyaji won “Purna” Food Product hampers.

As the sun started to set, we started getting ready with goodbyes to all, offered Shanti Paath, prayed to the Lord to bless us with contentment and a pious life. We also prayed to Mother Nature to give us sunshine, rain and nutritious food always.

Before leaving, all the core members ensured that any garbage left behind was duly collected and put in the designated area. The Park authorities also appreciated our efforts-this was the icing on the cake.

We came as 33 families not familiar with each other and 109 in all and by the end of the day we had become a part ofOne extended family “Bal Satya”

Dubai (U.A.E)