Nourishing the Mind!

The lush green, enchanting and purifying place of learning - SISS, once again gave us seekers together with our families, an opportunity to take a dip in its holy environment to purify ourselves at all the three levels of our Body-Mind-Intellect - a Retreat from 9th to 11th May.

The day begins….
Lit up by the early morning summer sun and twittering of the birds, reverberating with purifying sounds of Vedic chants we seekers got a chance to bathe our intellect in the light of Consciousness by invoking the all auspicious Savitur (Lord Sun). Gurumaa lucidly brought out the deeper imports of the sacred Gayatri Maha Mantra. We were made to pay obeisance through Surya Namaskar, while imbibing the glory of each Aditya.

The mind thus rendered energetic was now ready to introspect and cure itself of its ever disturbing enemy, the saboteur, the negative emotion of ‘FEAR’ through a power point presentation on the same. Dissecting layer by layer, the guidance through PPT prompted me to Understand my own ‘FEAR’ as follows:
Whether my fears are rational or imaginary?
What is the root cause and what is the solution?
Where does the challenge lie and what are the strengths?
The final cure of overcoming fear was explained in detail to apply at the body, mind and intellect – so complete a treatment that one can never get in any of the psychological or counseling schools outside.
To shape & boost our understanding we were led into group discussions, presentations, and active debates on this topic.

The deep reinforcing and contemplative sessions would then commence in the evening when Guru Maa made our minds soak in the fearless glories of our revered saints.

The nourishing ingredient was no doubt the meals taken as prasad at the feet of Devi Annapurna at the Annakshetra well equipped with the best state-of-the-art facilities. It gave the nourishment that we aspire and strive for in our entire life time.

Concluding the day with temple bells, Arati, bhajans, Guru paad puja left us feeling as though we have taken a dip in the holy waters several times.

A retreat truly rejuvenating our being at all levels of existence was not limited to us seekers; but even our little children bubbling with energy found themselves being channelized in right direction under the influence of discipline and love.

Guided through a series of indoor and outdoor activities by Guru Maa like games, quiz, dramatics, art & craft & interaction with Her Holiness in the Spiritual ambience, the children were found to consciously refrain from certain negative habits and adopt a positive and healthy way of conducting themselves. It provided the most conducive platform to inculcate values of self control, honesty, sharing, caring and fearlessly competing with ones own weakness to bring out his best potential

On the 3rd day the retreat came to rest at the Holy Feet of Sree Adi Shankaracharya ji and Param Pujya Gurudevji giving us an opportunity to offer puja under the guidance of Her Holiness led by Smt. Shreya and Sri Anupras Bazaz.

The little children in their attempt as offering during Rajopchar in great spirits and enthusiasm lucidly depicted the face of fear vs fearlessness through a drama. With able guidance, they artistically brought out the ugly face of fear (Kamsa) and to counter that the fearless aura of Guru Adi Shankaracharyaji by depicting such incidents during his life time. We would certainly cherish this valued piece of art.

It’s a wonder, that in just 2 days, the experiences to relive seem not to come to an end… What an enriching retreat! I pray to the almighty to give us a chance to be part of many more of such opportunities with our families in near future…