Shaping Life for my Spiritual growth
Hari Aum!

On Sunday the 26th of February 2017, Maa blessed the people of Faridabad by her visit at the Eternity Auditorium which is located on the eight floor in SRS Towers.The Auditorium was tastefully decorated with different seasonal flowers.It had been a long day of anxious waiting for all of us to be with Guru Maa once again.There was a feeling of joy in anticipation. As is the tradition, there was Purnakumbh to welcome Maa, after which she lit the Akhand Deep at Gurudev's Altar on the stage. It was followed by Lighting of the Lamp by some distinguished guests.

There was good gathering, and it was encouraging to see the audience comprising of people of different age groups, coming from different parts of Delhi - NCR.

For one and half hour we were disconnected from our noisy lives to hear our Guru enlighten us on the most essential aspect of our lives through the discourse on 'Pyramid of Life'. It is very common that every one has problems and one deals with it to one's best capability. There is no right or wrong way of handling, right or wrong is seen in one's own perspective.There's only one way and that's the way of Righteousness as explained by 'Maa'.The Four sides of the pyramid Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha form the basis of our life. We have to focus on our evolution to the highest pinnacle of our existence. We are to perform the righteous action in discipline and the rest will happen anyway. This path of awareness -the spiritual way-leading to self transformation was shown by Maa.

It had been throughout an experience to learn as well as derive joy in collectively performing our duties as a part of our service to SISS at the Holy Feet of Guru Maa.

A wonderful experience

Sangeeta Khanda